Bullying and why we hate it

We have just read a very passionate and most excellent article here, which represents an eloquent response to the bullying vegans face every day for nothing more than their lifestyle choice.

To be clear, that lifestyle choice is a wholly compassionate one. Vegans choose to believe that humans are no different than any other species, and that since we don’t in any way need meat or animal products to survive, they themselves will not consume them nor support the industries that profit from these products.

Now, it’s true that many vegans are passionate about their beliefs and the causes of animal welfare and healthy living. But it’s also true that many do not, and that in society as a whole the lifestyle is hugely and chronically underrepresented.

We do not wish to paraphrase the article. It’s a valid piece of original writing, and we very strongly recommend that you spend a few minutes of your time reading it.

But we will say this:

Vegans and aspiring vegans, please know that you are not alone. There are some fantastic vegan organisations out there, and loads of talented individuals championing the cause – both famous and ‘ordinary’ – who will not hesitate to support you. We hope this gives you comfort, and welcome you to interact with us here, via email (pawtheloveofearth@gmail.com), on facebook, or on twitter @earthlovingpaws (our new campaign #solevegan might be particularly useful to you).

To any non vegans reading this. Next time you hear somebody make an anti-vegan comment, or witness someone else making one, please ask yourself whether you would consider it equally acceptable to openly condemn someone for their religious beliefs, sexuality, skin colour, or disability. Please consider who you would feel if people stood by in silence while you were told you should go and die because of your favourite genre of film, or because you like your relatives and feel they deserve some company every now and then.

And please, remember, that regardless of how you personally feel about veganism, vegans are saving you money, saving you queues in restaurants and designer shoe stores. They are making the planet greener, the cost of your healthcare cheaper. They are reducing the cost of your daily lives and the strain on land in your country. And bit by bit, little by little, they are saving your planet.

Thank you, reader.



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