The Paws do National Vegetarian Week, Day 1

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to Day 1 of Vegetarian Week

A quick note before we start: The Paws are vegan, so anywhere below that dairy products are listed, we actually used vegan alternatives. We are choosing to simply name them as regular products for maximum readability and accessibility in that hope that it will make it easier for more people to embrace the spirit of this week and go meat free. (For example, we usually enjoy our cereal with Oat milk or Rice milk, but during this blog series, we’re just going to write it as ‘milk’).


Granola, with a sliced green apple on the side. We love the tart zing and crisp juiciness that comes with a good Granny Smith apple.

Morning Snack

Flapjack. Easy to do at home, but also readily available in shops and bakeries. We made ours with dark chocolate ย and a little orange oil.


Couscous is amazing, tasty, healthy and versatile. Today we mixed ours well with sweetcorn and diced red bell pepper. We were out, so we served it in a large bento box with carrot sticks and a handful of cashews.

Afternoon Snack

Puff pastry spirals, which are today’s recipe. This treat is easy to make and pretty much foolproof, as well as being very versatile in terms of flavour choices. However, from our experience, strong flavours work best because of the limited space and quantity. Similarly, we recommend keeping to [near]liquids, and finely grated solids if you need to add any. If you put too much bulk into the spirals, the pastry will sag and collapse. Solids that are too big can take up all the space and lead to uneven fillings dominated with one flavour.

We got our inspiration today from two of our favourite snacks, toast, and pizza.

Step 1: Roll out your puff pastry. We use ready-rolled, store bought pastry because its fast and easy, and our cooking forte is definitely NOT homemade puff pastry. If you are doing multiple flavours in the same batch, chop up your rolled out pastry into the relevant number of sheets. We did two.

Step 2: Apply your filling!
For our toast-inspired sheet we first dolloped a generous layer of Marmite in the centre of the sheet and then spread it thoroughly over the sheet, making sure to get right to the edges – the sticky Marmite does a great job of keeping the spiral tightly glued together later on – and then grated cheese over the top of the Marmite. For our tastebuds, we love cheese, but we make sure that plenty of the dark Marmite colour can still be seen when we are done grating cheese.
For our pizza-inspired sheet we spread tomato puree all over the pastry sheet. We then sprinkled over black pepper and oregano, then drizzle over a BBQ sauce (we use homemade sauce based around this recipe)

Step 3: Construct the spirals.
Once your filling is evenly distributed, carefully roll the pasty back up into a tight cylinder. Using a sharp knife, cut the cylinder into bite-size portions, no more than 5cm or so wide.

Step 4: Cooking
Place the spirals on a tray lined with oven-safe paper (we use a pizza tray or a pre-heated pizza stone) and pop into the oven. Results may vary, but we use the middle shelf at 180C for approximately 20mins.

Step 5: Enjoy!
Leaving the spirals to rest for a couple of minutes makes them easier to take off the paper. Serve on their own, or with dips, and share with anybody you love enough!



Pasta shells served with chunky tomato and Mediterranean vegetable sauce. We love some grilled garlic bread on the side, too!

And that concludes Day 1 of the Paws do Veg Week. We hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe even found some inspiration. Please feel free to share your own stories or experiences below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy meat-free eating,

The Paws



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