The Paws do National Vegetarian Week, Day 5

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to Day 5 of Vegetarian Week

A quick note before we start: The Paws are vegan, so although this is a series for National Vegetarian Week, none of our dishes contain any animal products at all!


Hot, malted cocoa, with dipping sticks. We cooked up some cocoa drink on the stove and used oat milk to give that extra malted taste. It’s fun and warming to drink and dip.

Morning Snack

Homemade graze box of peanuts and cashews. We sprinkled with lime juice and black pepper before storing in a bento box.


Today’s recipe is super simple – we made bubble and squeak. We only use 2 ingredients, and a ratio of 1 sweet potato and half a leek per serving.

Step One: Potatoes. Wash and cube the potato, skin on or off, and boil in a pan for 10 minutes or so. Drain once the potato softens.

Step Two: Prepare the leeks. Wash and cut up. We prefer ours finely sliced. We cut diagonally and then quarter each disc.

Step Three: Mashing. Pile the leek into the saucepan of sweet potato and give it a good going over with a masher.

Step Four: Bubble and squeak. Heat a tablespoon or so of oil in a frying pan and spoon in the vegetable mixture. Season to taste. Fry until crispy and brown, or as you like it.

Step Five: Flip and feast. Flip the cooked bubble and squeak onto a plate, drizzle with sauce if desired, and enjoy!


Afternoon Snack

Yoghurt, served in a bowl and topped with roughly crushed cereal. We got our soy yoghurt from the local supermarket.


Friday night is family film night here, so instead of a proper meal we have a buffet of our favourite snacks and treat foods. Today our spread included home-popped corn, fresh pizzas (margherita, mixed vegetable), houmous, crackers and warm bread, tortilla chips, and trailmix.

And that concludes Day 5 of the Paws do Veg Week. We hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe even found some inspiration. Please feel free to share your own stories or experiences below:)

Happy meat-free eating,

The Paws




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