The Paws do National Vegetarian Week, Day 7

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to the final day of Vegetarian Week

As always, although this is a series for National Vegetarian Week, all of the meals below are in fact vegan, with any animal products replaced with cruelty-free alternatives that are not derived from animals.


French toast, served with sliced banana. A lazy breakfast for a lazy Sunday morning, it’s delicious and just the right amount of naughty.

Morning Snack

Light and summery, fruit salads are easy to prepare and store in the fridge. Any excess can be added to jelly for delicious desserts.


Lentil roast, with all the usual (meatfree) Sunday lunch trimmings.We use this recipe from Simple Veganista, and would prefer to signpost you there than parrot the recipe on our page. It’s delicious, and we thoroughly recommend it.

Afternoon Snack

Popcorn! Ours was homemade, but of course it’s available in most shops too. We prefer to make our own because it gives us much more flexibility and choice with the flavours. It can be a nice party piece as well, for making a good impression or adding a little extra to friendly gatherings. For example, today we flavoured our popcorn with caramel, and then half dipped in salted dark chocolate.


Cupboard tortillas. A recipe we often make towards the end of the week, when know the shopping needs doing anyway. The whole point of this meal is using the foods we always have stocked in our cupboard, to make a meal out of the leftover fresh food from the fridge. As such, this ‘recipe’ is more of an example, than a strict method.


Cupboard goods, like chickpeas and red kidney beans, tinned.
Taco shells, or tortillas
Spices and seasoning
Sweetcorn, tinned
Tomato, tinned
Leftover fresh fruit/veg, such as celery, onion, lettuce, sweet potato.


Step One: Securing the base. Empty the tins of beans and chickpeas into a pan, including the liquid, and simmer for 6-8 minutes. Don’t allow to boil.

Step Two: Fresh cuts. Wash and slice the fresh ingredients. Heat oil in a wok or saute pan and cook the vegetables. If you’re low on seasoning, consider leaving the onion raw for extra kick.

Step Three: Pull it all together. Once the veg begin to brown and/or soften, pour over the tinned tomato, whisking smooth or leaving chunky as desired. Drain away any excess liquid from the beans, then pour over the veg and tomato.

Optional: Sweet potato can be included in the mix, cubed, or cooked separately as fries or wedges.

Step Four: Service. Spoon the mixture into warm tortillas or taco shells (they taste best heated in the oven for a couple of minutes. Enjoy!


As you can see, we served ours with the last of our coleslaw and some leftover kale, massaged with oil and slow-baked in the over at 140C for 20-25 minutes.

And that concludes this mini-series, the Paws do Veg Week. We hope you enjoyed reading, and found some inspiration from at least one of our meal or snack ideas. Please feel free to share your own stories or experiences below:)

Happy meat-free eating,

The Paws




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