About us

Welcome everybody!

Paw the Love of Earth is an organisation committed to improving the relationship between people, animals, and the planet we all share together.
We are a happy couple, and believe all animals and pets deserve the right to be happy, too. As time goes on, we hope to use this website as a place to share positive stories and inspiration about animals or the environment. We also plan on launching some exciting fundraising campaigns and activities to raise awareness!

PtLoE can be found encouraging positive changes on Facebook and Twitter

Should you wish to contact the Paws behind the project you can do so by emailing pawtheloveofearth@gmail.com

If you are an incredibly generous soul, you can also support the Paws directly on our Patreon page. We are hugely grateful for any and all help, but please bear in mind that any donations made via Patreon fund us, the writers, and not the causes or charities we promote. The more support we get, the more time we can spend blogging, promoting, and creating impactful campaigns.