Top Tip Tuesday: Pawsome Pet Guide

As you may or may not know, today is/was National Pet Day in the US. April is also National Pet Month in the UK. Therefore, since we are a project that loves animals, it is inevitable that this week’s Top Tip Tuesday is all about pets.
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Top Tip Tuesday: Eco-shopping

Welcome to Top Tip Tuesday. Here are today’s tips for making your shopping trip a bit more friendly.

  • Buy bulk – it may seem obvious but it’s true, bulk is best, provided you can use all your goodies before the expiry date.
    • Kind to your wallet – Higher volume usually means cheaper prices. If you fully embrace bulk buy, it can save you fuel, and even time. And you know how the saying goes, time is money.
    • Kind to the planet – As well as all of the above, smart bulk buying (bigger packs, not more small packs) is more economical in transport, so the carbon footprint is lighter. Similarly, bigger packs actually use less packaging per kilogram, so you’re helping to cut down on waste, reducing the pressure on recycling, and giving natural resources like trees a bit of a break.
  • BYOB – yep, bring your own bags. Charges for disposable bags are becoming more common, but that brings the danger of a new trap
    • – thinking the charge is good because it might be going towards charitable causes (like the UK) and therefore continuing to use disposable bags,

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Top Tip Tuesday

Welcome to a new blog series, brought to you by Paw the Love of Earth. So you’re back at work, you’re busy, but you still want a quick fix of Earth love, right?

Then look no further! Top Tip Tuesday will be an extremely condensed post that is linked to a previous, full-length post. This week’s TTT is on Eco-shopping. You can find the associated full length post here.