Meet the Family

Meet the family, the beloved animals behind Paw the Love of Earth. This is a work in progress, as it takes time to catch them for a perfect pawtrait!

Alfie Molesley


Breed: Black Labrador
Age: 5
Favourite Spot: Rug in front of the fire, preferably with a pillow.
Favourite Food: Anything, from biscuits, through any type of meat, to most veg.
Hobbies: Snuffling all the sniffs, snoozing, pretending to be a horse in the forest.

Raddish McTavish


Breed: Springer-Spaniel; Miniature Poodle mix

Age: 7months

Favourite Spot: Wherever you are. Raddish is incredibly affectionate and social.

Favourite Food: Whatever you happen to be eating when you ask her the question.

Hobbies: Running around the forest with a tennis ball between her teeth and a wiggly bottom; cuddling; playing in ponds; dancing.




Breed: Boxer
Age: 1
Favourite Spot:Sprawled on the sofa, preferably across multiple spaces
Favourite Food: Tess is a grazer, preferring little, often, and lots of variety
Hobbies: Puddle pouncing, river splishing, stick chasing, playing all around the house when she thinks she shouldn’t!



Breed: Puggalier
Age: 2
Favourite Spot: Wherever he shouldn’t be! Preferably on the windowsill, on the kitchen counter, or in the bathroom whenever someone needs to ‘go’.
Favourite Food: Watson loves treats! Biscuits and Bonios are what he lives for.
Hobbies: Feather hunting, puddle splooshing.