# Sole Vegan

The move to Veganism is steadily growing in popularity. The Vegan Society is thriving, the volume of vegan produce being sold is rising, and Google Trends are showing increased interest in vegan products, both seasonal and general. All fantastic news.

However, it’s far from all plain sailing. There are lots of vegans out there who are the only Vegan in their home, in their class, or at their work. And it’s hard. The internet is peppered with guides and tips for coping as the sole Vegan. Many also refer to strategies for defending your vegan beliefs, or even trying to convert the non-Vegans.

As a result of these guides, and a response to the difficulties, we here at Paw the Love of Earth have a proposition to put forward, and a pledge to make.

There are many only Vegans out there, we feel it is vital to show them that they are not ‘only’ Vegans, and that Veganism is a fantastic, healthy, and ethical lifestyle choice.

  • We pledge to support Vegans, and to celebrate the cause, and their achievements. No Vegan is ‘only’ a Vegan.

There are many lone Vegans out there, but we are ultimately united in our beliefs, and our commitment to the planet.

  • We pledge to do our part, to stand together and show all Vegans that though they may feel isolated, they are never alone.

There are many sole Vegans standing their ground with passion and conviction.

  • We pledge to respect their strength, to educate, and to show both Vegans and the wider world that we are champions of the soul, in all its glorious beauty. This means being positive, and respecting the steps that individuals HAVE taken towards embracing a Vegan lifestyle, even though they may be incomplete.


We would dearly love it if any of you, all of you, would honour us by taking the same pledge.
You can do so in private and in public, in your actions and on any social media you have. You can do so by always having time for another Vegan who needs your help and support, or has questions that you can answer.

And once per week (or more often) you can do so by tweeting/speaking/recording/videoing your support, with the #solevegan. We propose that meat-free Mondays represent a perfect opportunity for us to show our support.

We would also love to see Vegans showing their support with #solevegan photos. These can be selfies, pets, creations or anything you are comfortable sharing. Our only request is that somewhere the image contains a ‘V’ shape, to represent our solidarity. Paw the Love of Earth hope to reach a stage where we can choose our favourites each week and reward them in some way.

So please, join our campaign. We urge you to consider taking the Sole Vegan pledge. We ask you to share this page and its message. We encourage you to show the strength of our soul, and encourage all sole Vegans on their difficult journeys.

Sincerely, thank you.

The Paws of PtLoE



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